Sunday, October 7, 2012

No Cueto? No Problem!

The Reds may have went almost the whole game 1 without Johnny Cueto but they came away with the win. Dusty Baker made probably a huge gutsy move by bringing in Sam LeCure to give Mat Latos time to warm up. LeCure went and an inning and 2/3 scoreless. They brought in Latos, whose only blemish was the first pitch hanging slider homer Buster Posey hit in the 6th inning.

By that point the Reds had 3 runs provided by Brandon Phillips, who had hit a two run homer in the thrid, and Jay Bruce who hit a solo shot in the 4th. Those run Matt Cain gave up were the first career postseason runs he ever gave up. Not bad huh?

The Reds scored twice more in the 9th on a single by Phillips. Xavier Paul scored on past ball a few pitches later.

It seemed as though the Giants were making a comeback as they scored one run on an Aroldis Chapman wild pitch but he settled down and got the last two outs.

After the game it came out that Cueto had back spasms. I've had the same feeling playing baseball and Cueto should be back before you know it. It would be a great loss if it is worse than I think it is as he is the Reds ace.

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