Saturday, October 6, 2012

Could Have Ended Better

I have decided to return to the blog but I will no longer talk about autographs. I will give overviews of games transactions prospects, etc. I will also give my opinion on things.

Last night was the first ever night of the wild card play in games and they were historic.

It was saddening to see that one of the greatest switch hitters of all time, Chipper Jones, career had to end. He finished 1-5 with a very costly error which led to a 3 run inning for the Cardinals. Daniel Descalso and the Cardinals pulled probably one of the all time classiest moves by letting Chipper getting a hit by rushing the throw and having Allen Graig "come of the base."

Braves fans had terrible class by throwing bottles on the field after the infild fly rule. I understan that was absolutley horrible call but that was absolutle 0 class. I was gladd the Cardinals won to show it to the Braves fans for having 0 respect for the game but I kind of wished Chipper could still be playing.

This was a very heart breaking game as a Rangers fan. They had the playoffs in their hand all season then they collapsed and this game was the killer.

The Rangers could not even buy a hit as Saunders shut them down and then the O's pen came in and well they were lights out, like all year.

Josh Hamilton is an outstanding player but when he struck out to Brian Matusz it didn't even look like he was really trying. He also didnt look like he tried when he played in the oufield in game 162 when he dropped the fly ball and didn't hustle for it.

It is very upsetting but I will be at the Orioles ALDS Game 2. I promise I'll post pictures from the game and I'll take plenty.

I want to bid goodbye to Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli because it is pretty obvious neither of them will be back. The Rangers haven't really made an attempt to resign them. They will give Ian Kinsler 15 million but won't show the face of their team in Hamilton the money.


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